Content Intelligence, Experience& Community Platform

Create an intuitive and highly visual content experience.


MeshApp is a cloud-based content distribution platform where news media publishers and content marketers can easily create and manage content channels such as native mobile apps. Their indexation and metadata management technology and UX Ready solution enables a best-in-class content experience that attracts users and delivers engagement results. With more control over their content assets, customers are able to reduce the risks of third party distribution while building their own communities.

Smart Content & Engagement Delivery

Through a Content Network and a Engagement Plataform

Content & Audience Management

Cloud Metadata Management, API and Intelligence

Content Experience & Engagement

A Front-End Ecosystem deliver Content Hubs and/or SDK or In-App

Product Solution

Providing content creators and audiences the tools to seize control of the way they experience content and interact directly with each other. Leveraging community marketing of content through an agile, targeted, and personalized experience.

Content Discovery

Social Networks
Any-to-Any Navigation
Deep Linking

Consumption & Management

One-to-One Content
Key Moment Content
Conversational UI
Events & Products

Engagement & Activation

Lead Generation
Groups & Foruns
Landing Pages
Smart Notification


Help Desk
Customer Support
E-Mail Marketing


Easy to Customize

With a vast offer of templates & layouts, no matter the brand, audience or topic, MeshApp were able to mold and shape to your content strategy and your audiences.


Better Engagement, Better Conversion

With a tremendous variety of CTA’s to really increase the benefits of every marketing initiative. Use Action Triggers to spread your word, drive engagement and generate quality leads.


Power Over Content

(Re)Gain control for your brand and your audiences. Brands can align their content distribution to their content marketing campaigns.

Audiences have the ability to really choose what they want to see, with our amazing interaction tools they can explore, search and filter by their interest or needs.


Conversational UI

Chat bots, conversation and AI as an interface. Each message becomes an atomic application. Is the future of customer support.

Product Design Solutions

Marketing one-to-one

This auto club is recognized as the biggest in Portugal, with special commitment to drivers and the auto industry in general.

Janssen Cilag
Closed Social Media for doctors

Pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson provides medicines for an array of health concerns in several therapeutic areas.

Content Experience for Event App

The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) serves the Internet business & marketing industry, where marketing and technology converge.